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Expert design services

Please Email way to contact us. If you prefer, you can send drawings to us, we can provide a free quote service. Our E-mail:

Tooling Design

When we confirm product development, we will explain to you all the costs generated, as well as product design, including mold design. Your review together with mold manufacturing to the product has been produced.


If you are foreign customers, your products will be the most protective packaging shipped to your location. If you prefer, we can also provide convenient FedEx service.

To do a good Tooling design

We believe that a good product from a professional mold design


You can order the rubber parts of any requirement

We can meet your requirements for any rubber products according to the ASTM standard material. At the same time for the Japanese customers, we can provide with various JIS standards for your reference.

Additional Services


If your needs are many styles, but a small number, we can prepare you set some inventory. Support your urgent needs.

Rubber solutions

We have over 35 years of experience in the production of rubber, rubber material can provide professional technical support for you.


Whether your product is to be incorporated into the design of what we are willing to cooperate full development. From the selection of materials to mold design, as much as possible to provide good ideas and designs for you to reduce production costs and improve efficiency.

Rubber Knowledge

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Quality control Capability

Ozone Test chamber
Constant Temperature & Humidity Tester
RoHs JSX-3400 Rii (WEEE/RoHs)
Tensile Tester
Rheometer Tester