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Rubber products in outdoor for solar

We are committed to the production of rubber products for outdoor use. Strong weather resistance, anti-ozone performance to meet the particular use too much sun can power generation components.

Rubber seal for motion

Is committed to the development of sealing, waterproof better materials and let medical beds transmission equipment quieter, because a better waterproof rubber products. Let beds easier to clean.

Damping rubber for Building

We have developed ultra-low hardness material, it can be applied to any earthquake process. Including suspension materials used on the building - damping rubber.

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Wondering How to produce rubber?

Types of rubber: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber - rubber trees harvested glue production. Synthetic rubber - synthetic oil extraction.

Rubber Name: Natural rubber - NR. Synthetic rubber - NBR, XNBR, EPDM, CR, FKM, FFKM, Silicone .... Each synthetic rubber all have an innate uniqueness, can make rubber products need to choose what kind of rubber material ultimate purpose.


Premier source for rubber products

The ideal choice for outdoor projects exposed to the weather

other products

Diaphragm with fiber

Material selection CR, insert moulding with fiber.strong anti-acid properties. Application of liquid and slurry transportation equipment.

Rubber Bellows

Various sizes length specifications, a variety of materials to choose from. Arbitrarily scalable product design, complete protection action mechanism.

Rubber technology seals

With customer design, selection of raw materials from the start, compression size control, the amount of sealing performance testing, provide a complete seal all services.

Air damping rubber set

This product is suitable for machine damping / noise reduction. Metal body and integrally molded rubber products. There are a variety of models to choose sizes.

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